Casualties & Tragedies is Gunfire 76s debut album. Poole teamed up with Todd Youth (of the The Chelsea Smiles) to write and record a CD with, as Poole has mentioned in interviews, a more of a rock sound and without any horror themes. To maintain mental stability, W13 "started taking with Todd Youth about stuff. We’d known of each other over the years, but never really got to sit down, talk and hang out. I told him I was doing something new and he was interested in working with me on it. That’s basically where it started. We came home after the tour and for two months, we sent each other songs back and forth on the Internet. We collaborated on some music for the record” – Casualties & Tragedies, due in stores October 6th. “Unfortunately when it all came down to piecing it together as a band that I could actually go out and tour with, Todd’s scheduling didn’t allow him to be part of it. He did help write on the record, but that’s as far as it went, which was great ‘cause it got me out of my writer’s habit. He definitely brought some fresh stuff to it. I usually write by myself, so to have one other person come in and write was like, wow!”


1. Let's Kill the Hero

2. Casualties and Tragedies (song)

3. Nothings All I Need

4. Los Angel-Less

5. Rocket to Nowhere

6. Something for the Suffering

7. One More Reason to Hate You

8. Tell You Like It Is

9. What Did You Expect

10. Back to the Gutter

11. Get Me Through the Night

Anybody have any othe infor on GUNFIRE 76?

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