Dead Mans Dance is the first track off Maniac Spider Trashs first recording Dumpster Mummies.


(Song starts off with what sounds like evil toys laughing, followed by a scream)

Tied in the corner, nailed to the floor

A tedious altar, a dead man for sure

Neon bubbles floating around

Right in the walls, I spit on the ground

When the b**** gets in Ill be her fire tonight

The man on the moon will come and drag it tonight

Electric chair, yeah sounds alright

Pull the switch in front of my eyes tonight!

Dead Mans dance! x4

Spiders are crawling throughout my veins

Bullets are quicker, but I like the pain

Dragon flies are melting us now

Falling to dust these bones are alright

Doncha say goodbye, your dead and gone

Doin the dance from dusk till dawn

Shed a tear man cause they dont care

Dead man laughing, show not fails

Dead mans dance x4

Hey whats new

killed an old man just for you

and im rotting too

such a shame, it wasnt you

Dead mans dance x4

Dead dead dead...dead man.....