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[[Todd Youth]]
[[Todd Youth]]
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GUNFIRE 76, the new project featuring former MURDERDOLL frontman Wednesday 13, will enter a Los Angeles studio on July 1 with producer Howard Willing to begin recording a full-length album. According to a press release, the CD — which will feature material written by Wednesday and Todd Youth (DANZIG, D-GENERATION, THE CHELSEA SMILES) — will have "more of a rock sound."

"GUNFIRE 76 will be my extension into the rock world," says Wednesday. "After touring with THE CHELSEA SMILES, Todd Youth and I would find ourselves discussing the bands we grew up on and decided to put a band together that fits more of the rock and roll sound of KISS, DEAD BOYS, NEW YORK DOLLS, THE STOOGES and the in-your-face rock n roll sound. Not being signed to a record label allows me to create new projects and continue growing as an artist."

GUNFIRE 76's debut is set to be released in October. The band is currently setting up a tour for late 2009.

The CD will be self-released in the the U.S. and Wednesday will partner with a company for overseas distribution.

"GUNFIRE 76 will be on tour this year," says Wednesday. "We are currently booking a U.S. / U.K. tour for the end of the year with BULLETS AND OCTANE. I have always wanted to tour with those guys, but the WEDNESDAY 13 music never fit their rock and roll style. Together this should be one great rock show!"

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