Highway to Hangovers is Bourbon Crow's first album and was released on Halloween 2006. The CD is dedicated to the Legend of Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings. In the CD cover there are short biographies of Jessie Crow and Buck Bourbon. Jessie Crow is Rayen "kid kid" Belchere and Buck Bourbon is Wednesday 13. There are also photo's included of little Rayen and little Wednesday. The CD looks like an LP, is black and has the grieves like a real LP has. The back of the CD itself is black too.

Track listingEdit

Alcohol Express

A Bed In The Desert

A Dead Body

Drink 'Till You Ain't Ugly

Suck My Dixie

I'm Not Hungover

Bolts In This Redneck

Headed For The Altar

Lord Put My Girl

I Wanna Go

Rid The Devil

I Wish I Cared

Alcohol Is Awesome