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Psycho Opera and Maniac Spider Trash[]

Poole's musical career began in 1992 when he played guitar in the band Mizery, which later became Psycho Opera and featured guitarist Abby Normal, drummer Jeff Washam, bassist Michael Patrick, and lead vocalist Todd Cage. Poole left the band to form Maniac Spider Trash as lead vocalist, alongside Abby Normal (again on guitar) and Michael Patrick (also filling his earlier role as bassist), joined by Sicko Zero on drums. Poole fronted the band from 1992 to 1996. The band released one EPDumpster Mummies, on Dead Hell Records in 1994. This was followed by an album, Murder Happy Fairytales, in 1995; the album remained unreleased until October 5, 2010.

  • 1994: Dumpster Mummies (Reissued on CD in 2010)
  • 1995: Murder Happy Fairytales (Unreleased) (Released Digitally in 2011)

"Maniac Spider Trash" was created sometime in 1992. There were many line-up changes; the core members were Wednesday 13, Abby Normal, Sicko Zero and Michael Patrick. Maniac Spider Trash recorded two albums:

Dumpster Mummies

Murder Happy Fairytales

Even in Wednesday's early days, the shows were filled with twisted elements, and the music was dark and hard-hitting.

Shortly after recording Murder Happy Fairytales, Maniac Spider Trash, they disbanded when Wednesday 13 and Sicko Zero formed "The Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13".