Viva Las Violence is the fourth studio album of North Carolina horror-themed punk band Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13. It was released on November 6, 2001, on Century Media Records, in collaboration with People Like You Records. It is considered to be their most successful album, and was dedicated to the late Michael "Spider Trash" Patrick. It is featured in the 2006 box set, Little Box of Horrors.

Track listingEdit

"Viva Las Violence Song" – 2:11

"The Devil Made Me Do It" – 3:05

"Give Her to the Monsters" – 3:05

"Smother My Brother" – 3:12

"Planet of the Apes" – 2:59

"Evil Is Good" – 3:21

"We Have to Kill You" – 3:35

"Kung Fu You" – 2:02

"Murder Pie" – 4:44

"Eat Drugs First" – 2:58

"Celebrity Skinned" – 1:52

"Dead and Breakfast (A Night at the Sawyers')" – 2:25

"Bark at the Moon" – 3:59

"Galactic Chicken Shit" [Live] – 3:14

Total album length: 43:19

Album creditsEdit

Wednesday 13: Guitar, Vocals (Actually credited for "Gagging, Glitter, Guts, and Glory in credits)

Ikky: Guitar (Actually credited for "Cosmetics, Chaos, Carnage, and Cadavers" in credits)

It: Bass (Actually credited for "Mutilations, Monsters, Mayhem and Madness" in credits)

Scabs: Drums (Actually credited for "Skins, Skeletons, SNots and Shocks" in credits)

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