We have started a page on facebook to help promote music

This page is not just for Gunfire 76. It's a page where, from time to time, we will be giving away music by artists we like.

We decided to kick it off with Gunfire 76.

Here's how it will work. We are going to pick 3-5 people this weekend to get a Gunfire 76 track by email. We then leave it up to you. Do what you want with it - email it to your friends, post it on YouTube, make a video, remix the song. Whatever you want. You will be one of the few people in the worlds who have the track - before radio, magazines, anyone!

We want you to be part of breaking this band.

The people who get the track will have their facebook page posted on the WHY NOT page. This way other fans of the band can reach out to them and ask them to post the track, email them track - you can get to meet other fans of the band.

We are putting the track in the hands of the fans. HAVE FUN WITH IT!

you will need to join that page to be part of the promotion.

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