Update from Wednesday 13:

Finished with the recording process of the debut Gunfire 76 cd last week. A lot of people have commented that it didn’t take long. Well – depends on how you look at it. It seems like a while in the making to me. I spent a few months building the songs, so when it came time to record, I was able to go in and get everything done exactly how I wanted it. We did go over on studio time, but that usually happens with every release. The Gunfire project is not something I’m just putting out for fun, not to tour behind or advertise like Bourbon Crow and Weirdo A go Go in the past. This will be a priority and focus for the next little while.

I got to hear 2 rough mixes tonight and it sounds so great! Brent (from Bullets and Octane) is doing an amazing job with the songs and bringing ‘em to life.

Next up for me is building the band. This is the fun part. I already have tour dates booked in the U.S. and U.K., now I just need to find the right group of players. I’m just fronting the group this time so it will be a five piece. I’ve got a few people in mind for the project and prob a few I haven’t even thought of yet, so stay tuned for more on this as it develops.

We are toying with a few special ideas regarding the release. More on that later, once we see if we can get it all done.

Make sure to join the Gunfire 76 myspace page <> This Wednesday, Aug. 12 – tomorrow – we will be making the myspace page private and only friends of the page will be able to hear the first sounds from Gunfire 76. We are going to let you hear a rough mix of the song ”Casualties & Tragedies”.

Also, if you go to on Wednesday Aug 12, we will be putting a limited edition Gunfire 76 shirt up. There will only be 76 shirts made in this color. Each shirt will be hand numbered. Once they sell out – we will not repress in this color.

Looking forward to getting back on the road,

Wednesday 13

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